J Sally

Serving others in The Salvation Army is such a blessing. One time someone said to me, “I just need to find some purpose in my life.” I think that is true of many people. Bono of the group U2 has found a purpose by making a difference in the world as it relates to poverty and the awareness of needs in our worldwide society. Many of us will not grace a stage or be on the media but we can be a part of making a difference. How? By doing the simple things in life. Be courteous to others. Smile a little bit more. Take time to enjoy your children or grandchildren. Invest time in others. It is not great acts of charity that count but often the simple acts done with great love. Mother Teresa often told people, “Find your Calcutta.” She worked and cared for the neediest in the region of Calcutta. Many people wanted to assist her there but she referred them back to their own towns, cities and areas. “Find your Calcutta” – do acts of kindness where you are living.  Do acts of kindness for people you meet in your store where you shop, do acts of kindness in your church, do acts of kindness in your community. Want to find a purpose? – Look around you! Look for opportunities. You will find opportunities to do good. You will find your purpose.